Why was there a stop payment fee?
Any time you place a stop on an item; there is a $5.00 stop payment fee, in accordance with the fee schedule. This fee is assessed due to the process involved in stopping a check from clearing your account.

What is the suffix in my account number?
Your primary account number is the 1st 4-6 digits. The last two digits is the suffix, designating account type (for example, 12345-0 is Savings; 12345-8 is Checking).

When should I expect to receive my year-end dividend statement?
Year-end statements are mailed out by January 31. If you receive paper account statements, you can expect to receive your tax documents via postal mail in early to mid-February. Members can access the applicable tax documents via Audio Response or Virtual Banking.

If I close my OTS Employees FCU account, can I join again later?
OTS Employees FCU membership lasts a lifetime as long as you keep your account open with at least a minimum of $50.00 on deposit and make a deposit at least once a year, even after your eligibility status changes. If you close your account with OTS Employees FCU, you may join again only if you meet the current eligibility requirements.

There is an NSF fee of $20 on my statement. What is this for?
NSF stands for Non-Sufficient Funds. In this case, a transaction (check, ACH, or debit) was presented against the account and funds are not available. A $20 Non- Sufficient Funds fee was debited from the account. In the case of a check, the check is returned to the receiver's/payee's bank for processing. In the case of an ACH withdrawal, it is returned to the receiver's/payee's bank. In the case of a debit transaction, the debit is paid, however an overdraft NSF fee is debited from the account.

How can I tell what my account number is by looking at the bottom of my personal checks?
There are three sets of numbers at the bottom of your OTS Employees FCU personal checks. Each set is separated by a space. The first set of numbers is OTS Employees FCU routing number. (This number tells other financial institutions where to send funds.) The second set of numbers contains your account number. The first 5 digits (00000) appear on all OTS Employees FCU checks. The following numbers are your account number, followed by 1 digit (usually 1-9). The final set of numbers is your actual check number.

I need to purchase Travelers Cheques. Can I do this at a teller window or do I need to see a member service representative?
Travelers Cheques are available for purchase at any teller window.

How do I remove a Joint Owner?
The joint owner will need to sign a Request for Termination of Joint Account Holder form, removing themselves from the account. We can fax or mail this form to the member for processing or the Joint Owner can visit a branch location to process the request. The Primary owner is not able to remove the joint owner from an account. If the form is signed outside of an OTS Employees FCU branch, notarization is required.

Debit MasterCard

Why did someone call to verify my Debit transaction?
Calls are made (from our vendor) from 9 AM to 9 PM daily on ATM or POS transactions that appear suspicious as determined by the system. This is an effective step toward fraud prevention.

What is the difference between the two fees I am charged for using my OTS Employees FCU Debit MasterCard at ATMs other than Bank of Hawaii?
There are two types of fees that you may encounter when using your OTS Employees FCU Debit MasterCard at a machine owned by another financial institution. The first is a "foreign transaction fee." Another institution's ATM, there is a $1 fee that OTS Employees FCU charges to offset the fees the credit union is charged by our ATM network provider for such a transaction. You may also be assessed a "surcharge" by the bank or organization that owns the machine. This is the fee you see noted on the screen and you must agree to accept the surcharge in order to complete the transaction.

Are there any non-OTS Employees FCU ATM locations where I can use my card and not get surcharged?
Yes. You may use any Bank of Hawaii ATM machine without getting assessed a surcharge.

Why does a debit transaction show a difference between my current balance and my available balance?
Any time you use your debit card as a MasterCard (without entering your PIN), the corresponding funds are placed on hold by that merchant for five days or until it clears your account, whichever comes first. Other holds (deposits/electronic transactions) may also cause a variance between actual and available balance.

Why is the amount on hold?
When you use your debit card as a MasterCard at a merchant, the funds are put on hold for that merchant. There is an authorization given to the merchant through MasterCard, which is the processor that interfaces directly with OTS Employees FCU.

I just used my Debit MasterCard to make a hotel reservation for next month and now there is a hold on my account. Why?
When you use your debit card to make reservations or purchases, you have actually committed those funds to the hotel or retailer. If the merchant does not submit a charge to your account within three business days, the hold is cancelled and the funds again become available.


What is ACH?
ACH is a safe and fast way to receive your direct deposit along with the convenience of having your utilities, insurance, etc. paid from your account automatically instead of writing checks. To set up ACH, please contact the company you wish to set up automatic withdrawals from.

How are checks converted to ACH items?
This is done by the merchant. Instead of sending paper drafts through the clearing house, they electronically submit payments using your account information from the bottom of your check. These are run through the Automated Clearing House (ACH).

I signed up for automatic withdrawal for my insurance to come from my account, and it is not being withdrawn from my account.
You need to verify the account number and routing number with the company you wish to have access to your account. Routing number is 321379397. Account number format verification can be found on the bottom of your checks. Contact us at 808-848-4408.

If an ACH withdrawal posts to my account and I did not authorize it, what do I need to do to receive credit back?
As long as the item has been within 60 days, you can complete the ACH Electronic Dispute/Stop Payment Request form. Call us at 808-848-4408 to obtain the form.

How can I dispute an ACH transaction? How would I place a stop payment?
To dispute or stop an ACH, complete an ACH Electronic Dispute/Stop Payment Request form. If the option to place a stop on the ACH is selected, the account will be assessed a $20.00 fee.

The form can be mailed, faxed, or picked up at the branch. If you prefer to mail the form, please send it to: OTS Employees FCU, 811 Middle Street, Honolulu, HI 96819. To fax the form, please fax it to (808) 848-4434. If you prefer, you can drop the form at the branch.

Automatic Transfer

Can I set up to have money withdrawn from my OTS Employees FCU account and sent to my other account at a different financial institution?
No, this feature is not available at this time.

Do I need to supply a copy of a voided check or a deposit ticket to start my origination?
Yes, this is a requirement so we can verify signers on the account.

Payroll Deposit

Do all companies and organizations offer direct deposit?
Some companies and organizations don't provide this service; however, most do. Check with your employer's payroll office to enroll.

Once I submit a direct deposit enrollment form, when will my direct deposit start?
Direct deposit usually takes 2-3 pay periods to begin.

How do I know when my payroll has been deposited to my account?
Payroll funds are normally deposited the morning of your company's actual payday. The time your payroll is deposited into your account depends on when OTS Employees FCU receives the payroll information from your employer. You can check to see if a deposit has been made by calling Audio Response or visiting web site. These convenienct services allow you to check the status of your deposit, any time, any day by phone or online.

I have payroll deduction to my account. Can I deposit a portion to my child's account?
Yes, call us at 808-848-4408 to request the authorization be mailed or faxed to you.

Why is my payroll deposit not posted to my account?
If it's received by mail, these deposits post after 12:00 PM the same day it's received. Please verify with your employer to make sure it's been mailed.

How do I change the amount of my payroll deduction coming to OTS Employees FCU?
You need to contact us at 808-848-4408 to request this change.


How can I order or reorder checks?
You can call Harland Checks:

To reach Harland Printed Products, please call 1-800-723-3690 or 770-981-9460.

To reach Integrated Client Solutions, please call-1-800-723-2580 ext. 5190.

To reach Harland Business Solutions, please call 1-800-778-5667 ext. 6630.

Online at

What is the Harland Checks charge on my statement?
Harland is the company that makes your checks. This is the charge for your recent check order.

How do I place a Stop Payment?
To place a stop payment, we need specific information: the check number, payee of the check, amount of the check, and reason for stop payment. There are three reasons for stop payments to be placed: lost/stolen checks, fraud/forgery, or refer to maker. When the stop payment is placed by phone, we mail/fax out a stop payment form for you to sign. You must sign the form and return it to us within two weeks or the stop payment may be cancelled. There is a $20.00 stop payment fee that will be applied to the account.


Are my deposits at OTS Employees FCU insured?
Yes. The National Credit Union Administration (NCUA), an independent agency of the U.S. Government, insures each member's funds up to $250,000. This limit applies to the combined total of your deposits in savings, share certificates, and checking accounts, an aggregate total of all your accounts at OTS Employees FCU. Additional coverage applies to IRAs.

I deposited a check into my account today and was unable to access the funds by ATM. Since I deposited the check right at a branch, why aren't these funds available?
Check deposits are subject to a check hold in order to give us time to ensure the checks will be honored. The first $200.00 of all aggregate ATM deposits made in one banking day will be available immediately. The remaining funds will become available in 2-8 business days, based on the origin of the check. See your Statement of Terms, Conditions and Disclosures for more details.

Can someone who is not on my account deposit money into my account?
Yes. Other individuals may deposit funds into your account, as long as they have your account number. They do not receive the receipt that is generated from our computer system, as it includes other personal account information. If you wish to verify the deposit yourself, you may do so by using Audio Response or Virtual Banking.

Routing Number

What is my routing number?
The routing number for OTS Employees FCU is #321379397. This number directs the transaction to OTS Employees FCU.

What is the difference between my account number and the routing number?
The routing number routes the automatic transaction to OTS Employees FCU, and your account number routes the transaction to your individual account.

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